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“Good morning, the time is  06h05 and you are listening to Radio Calypso 107.7 fm. My name is Blue Fleming and I will be your host for the next 27 hours. Today we are recording live from Liguria ITALIA, the OBB Night Jet, only 39 euros *(this message may be sponsored by the brand) arrived at the train station less than an hour ago and  we are already  installed with nomad recoding studio here  at the Noveciento . We will begin in just a short moment with our first guest of the day, Blue Corrado Spezziare , chef of La Bunka Cinque Restaurant. He will be presenting the specialty of this region and for this we will embark on a journey through the city to explore the different ingredients and their story. . But first, the NEWSFLASH  À la une ce matin, HURRICANE LUIS has finally progressed past the coasts of the islands of Sint-Marten and Saint-Barthélémy after four very long days of Category 4 winds, measured 240 km/h, the current death toll is estimated at 19 deaths, 20 000 homes have been reported destroyed. And 70 000 victims are currently being registered, the damages could represent over 3 billion dollars. Our special attaché to the West Indies, Mr Cobalt Blue, will describe his frightening experience during the last 4 days. From the first hurricane warning, to the installation of sheltering methods and even his exclusive and incredible testimony from the EYE of the Hurricane Luis . This report is also available in video format on the website of the Radio, as well as all the transcripts of our shows and various audio descriptions. 
Play : ªLuis, a Visual poetry piece, by Cobaltª
After the report we will welcome our second guest, Margo Blue Antalia, author of the black and white documentary series “A Nightrain to Italy” currently available on Netflix. They will share with us some insights about safety, accessibility,  adventure seeking while on a budget and even dating  while traveling and working  as an autistic solo-parent. We will ask them about this already iconic opening scene, shot by accident at the border while the Italian Police was arresting undocumented travelers in their cabin and the intensity of this documented racial profiling incident. We will also listen to an excerpt from the reactions of the travelers  (white) aboard the cabin and we will open phone lines for your questions on the topic. 
At 7h15 don’t forget your daily dose of philosophy by Azra2i, today’s theme is : The righteousness of rage, or how to avoid falling into the victim-blaming cycles established by patriarchy and religion. 
At 7h35 we will embark on our first journey of the day with Blue Corrado Spezziare , he will take us to the fishing village of Tellaro and tell us the story of the lost ink and the number 27. Our copilot Margot, 3years old will be guiding us on the Path of Lovers. 
- You are listening to Radio Blue Calypso, the sound of the islands in Berlin. We are available in 7 languages, English, French, Kréyol Martinique, Kréyol Guadeloupe, Kréyol Haiti, German and Spanish. The audio description support is accessible on the compatible  devices. Don’t forget to visit our website to have access to hundreds of exclusive content, videos, performances and conferences. You will also find there our exclusive Bipoc Queer Porn Selection, meticulously curated by the best videographers and Qtibipoc Sex workers of Berlin.
And now for a musical break, the latest release of Syrian rapper Enana featuring LECURSOR from Guadeloupe, intro for their début Album, “Queer”, the first ever album to address queerness in the Arabic world and in the language. We cannot wait to welcome them both tomorrow for the live performance., it will be followed by a talk about collective responsibility, reparation and fetishisation between Afro Caribbean, Black American and Brown mascs of the Levant. 
I am Blue, it is now 8h15, it is 20ºC here in La Spezia, we are hosted and sponsored today by the Hotel Noveciento, welcome to my morning show, The Flying Castle & MORE. We are here together in my  safe(r) auditory constellation,  it is designed live, on the road, I create while in motion, on the road, in the trains and on stage, accompanied by my special tiny human, Margot, 3yo, co-pilot of our travels.  I am known to  approach directly on the field the essence of our issues, pierce through layers of life as a unique and very precise intersectional gaze . On the go, we talk, we live, we fuck, we fall, we experience and dissect occurrences of  racism, colourism, misogyny or homophobia. The word of the day is PRONOÏA, it is the antonym of Paranoia , it is the intimate belief that the Universe is conspiring in our favor _ instead of against us. And with this in mind, we can begin today’s list of reflections, the theme selected is Gender Euphoria, what does it look like ? What does it sound like ? Brilliant Photographer artist Titanium Blue will introduce us to “This Journey of Belonging” the so-acclaimed photo exhibition opening at the Gropius Bau next week. Journey of Belonging is a photographic voyage through transitioning, transgression, mental health, transparenting, sex work and community power. Titanium Blue will share with us their Aphantasia, a type of blindness majorly documented with Neurodivergents on the Autistic Spectrum. They will tell us how they discovered their condition late in life, how it affected their vision of their photographic work and approach to colors. Also  how their Hyperacuity has been quantified by the medical field as over 70%.
At 11h00 will begin   this week’s investigative piece presented today by Nadja Blue Dog, the illegal market of fake airbnb in touristic areas targeting low income travelers and refugees. In this first episode, the documenting of a fire in Via Tomasseo in an illegal airbnb, followed by the exclusive recordings of the owner of the place attempting to coerce our journalists on site. 
11h40 will begin the OCD magazine, hosted by the anti=psychiatry Collective Atlas. They will enlighten us about the life of people with number : ocds , what role they come to play in their life and how to healthily cope with this disorder via the method of transferring . The Doctor Jeanne Bellet will be their medical guest on the show. 
A midi nous reviendrons å la Spezia, sur les marches du Théâtre da ville nous installerons nos studios le temps d’une après midi de poésie et de chaleur. Oui chaleur très hot indeed, since we will talk about Porn, Sex Work and BDSM. This section of the day will be open to questions from the locals, their perception of transness, gender fuckness and how they plan on addressing the issues in their conversative town. We will also ask them about their past history with Bordels, Madames, and their uniquely celebrated sense of style, their outmost elegance and secret jewelry. During the intermission we will broadcast for your ears only the sound collage from the Porn masterpiece, Lello, showing currently in all the York Kinos of Berlin
Publicité - Advertisement : Cigarettes Gauloises • Other Nature, Collective , Silk Lubricant • NewYorkToy Collective, affirming sexual care for the Bipoc Trans community. • OPEL Vectra: la mort d’une auto. • Keller Kreuzberg, queer sex shop.
“Je vous remercie de votre confiance, nous allons continuer cette épopée avec de la poésie et de la musique. Soundcollages and abstract radio are recorded live today from France Culture, at La Maison de la Radio á Paris. For the musical major discovery of today, PAULLÉA, the new hybrid rap sensation from St-Martin, F.W.I.  Guadeloupe. They are our beloved local transfemme icon,  mixing heavy rap onto heavy metal in Kréyol too ! Guadelouppean Zouk and  Biguines from the 70’s are also part of the album“         This show is supported by : Cette émission est produite par plusieurs équipe de la Radio Calypso, my many thanks today to The Safety and Awareness team. The translation team providing subtitles in 8 languages as well as the audio description for the hearing impaired. The accessibility team and their brilliant solving of childcare issues for the self-employed parents of Berlin. JOLIBA famillienhilfe. The fact-checking team will also publish at the end of every day the result of their analysis of our programmes. The legal team and their amazing job defending the last two physical assaults in less than one month.
Radio Calypso is a media belonging to The BLUE French Press media conglomerate, number one in anti-colonial information , memory archival and registries.
Program list in the making :
Let’s talk about Suicide Baby, the midnight show about our taboos.
Dark Room Analog Photo Processing -  Audio Classes
Poetry Readings and Recording – Transgressive BERLIN
What is the Price of my safety ? - The Magazine that does  data  comparison between levels of privileges and intersectionality
The Berlin Karibik Witch - Recipes for the indecent queer witch.
Mental health : Why do black femmes get diagnosed late in life ?
Archive : the duty of memory and scripture. Balancing robbed history.
Homophobia in the Caribbean : an assessment of the current situation, are families still poisoning their gay children ? Myth or Reality.
Products of the radio available online :
Stickers and postcards
Decks of card designed by Blue
Books published by the collaborators of the radio. 
Exclusive and numbered Prints from the photo series “The Journey into Belonging”


Current Status . All these programs are pieces of my real life, audio, video, sound. Some are imaginary, some are documentary pieces.  Some are pure poetry . There are plus than 30 hours of recording onto several devices, some professional (Zoom H4), some very low quality.  Several hours of videos have also already been recorded in Black and White from a broken phone with no screen HUAWEI P20 & Canon 7D. There is really a live recording of an actual assault by an illegal airbnb owner in Italy last week, as well as the recordings of the Police who intervienned. As well as the video document of a Police arrest in the train from Munich to Italy, two Egyptians Young men.  
3 guests shows are also recorded 
The photo exhibition ªThis Journey of belongingª  is also complete but demands a final selection from over 500 clichés , some are even test printed. 
There are two short porn movies currently in editing for the Berlin Porn Film Festival , deadline on the 30th of this month. Next week.  One is a QTBIPOC trans futuristic porn, an abstract collective creation shot in January 2023. One is an art documentary porn , black and white ,  LOUDER (working title) about pleasure and intimacy in the life of a transparent. Both made in a few days, budget : 0 euros. 
Progress on these different art support has been halted by technical deficiencies, accidental breakages, lack of access and lack of funds and loss. 
All music pieces are 30% to 45% written, need to be recorded mixed and mastered. Total number is 6 tracks currently. 
Pieces of Music videos are also shot (yes before finishing the writing)


ENANA 27. Trans Non Binary , Syrian Rapper in Berlin - Guest for one song and one interview. Model and Actor in one of the fictional pieces. 
ROCKET 43. Trans Black Femme , Author from the US living in Berlin. Guest Author. 
MAR 33. Non Binary Set Designer 
MARGOT 3, Green Fairy and Dinausor obsessed. Quote of the day “we can’t change our destiny” 
JULIE Van Honnacker. 47. Black queer  logistic support in Paris and Berlin. 
ME: Blue. 35.
Pornographer, Photographer, Videographer, Autistic, Transparent, 166cm, Afro-karibik, light-skinned black born in Les Abymes, Guadeloupe, raised in St-Martin. Studied in Paris, France, debuted their photography career in San Francisco in 2009. In Berlin since 3 years. 36,4ºC this morning.  Accessibility and awareness trainer.  Pro Domme.
West Indian. 
Other half of origins :  Lebanon. 
Lifelong OCD: Numbers, cards, Colors, repetition and collections, alliterations. 1,6mm Bic Blue x150. Metal textures. Needles. Paper. 
Misdiagnosed by white medicine for Chronic Depression since 2006, instead of: Autism and ADHD. Multiple severe PTSD. 

This is not a collective, it is just me and the 27 versions of me. The people I interact with, the interviewees, the guests. Nevertheless some collaborations have started, others are pending. My longing would be to create a team to build this project with, but members have not been searched for yet. 


During this residency, the Radio Blue Calypso could take on a physical form, on stage for example or occupying a space for a multi disciplinary exhibition.  An hybrid form of creation, leaving space for improvisation and interactivity with the audience. Horizontal teaching, cycle breaking. 
The residency is also the opportunity to expand the guests of the shows, open new conversations, go deeper into political topics, interview specialists and consult scientists, as well as allowing and[]or create access to better equipment. 
The possibility of maybe earning a life that is above the poverty line. Which creates safety and better quality of design. 


Childcare for the work hours that do not fit during kita hours. 
Autism and PTSD : Loud brutal noises. Touching and touching hair. Mentions of certain Trigger warnings beforehand. 
Access to a silent room or the outside. 
I can inform others about Trauma Aware responses to crisis (what to do when someone (including me) is having a Panic attack for example).
Methods of communication to defined in advance (texting over calling, or which platforms)
Changes in schedule less than an hour before are a very big trigger of panic. 



Blue P. Fleming

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