Moments Before
Sencha & Bourbon
Introduction to an ethical textile project created by Paola R. Fleming in 2012 in San Francisco, this video was created by Hilary Galbreith, Carlotta Sarraco & Paola R. Fleming
Cocoon Collection Shooting
Sencha & Bourbon Aubervilliers, November 2016 Models: Shade Affogbolo, Nacera Zaidi, Caroline Torlois. Artwork: Christian Maugein. Special thanks to Julie Debarnot from Jaad Lingerie
Whimsical Sabrina
Silly Boy Studio Paris, September 2015 Model: Bella Millett, Make-Up: Beatrix Kiddo, Assistants: Flavy Di et Jeanne Lespinasse. Thanks to Thomas Brouxel
Jaad Lingerie x Silly Boy
Collaboration between Silly Boy Studio & Jaad Lingerie Paris, Septembre 2015 Model: Jeanne Lespinasse, MUA: Beatrix Kiddo Thanks to Thomas Brouxel
Nash Prints A:W2015
Fashion brand collection preview
Les ateliers de La Manufacture Onirique
Invitations aux ateliers de création
Hotel Collection
Sencha & Bourbon Paris, November 2015 Model: Annick Duteil, Assistants: Nina Woolfe & Falvy Di
The Sugar Cane
Silly Boy Studio - Sugar Cane Collection Paris 9th, September 2015 Models: Jeanne Lespinasse, Enfant Précoce. MUA: Beatrix Kiddo Thanks to Marcel & Clementine
Hotel Collection S&B
Shooting Hotel Collection of Sencha & Bourbon - Model: Annick Duteil - Assistants: Nina Woolfe & Flavy Di
Various times and places
A variety of picks from some years and essences
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