Work in Progess : This Journey of Belonging
Exhibition to come. Date of birth 17.04.2022. It is a life process. A glimpse of a collection in the making. Transparenting, family, euphoria. A search: featuring Enana, Margo, my selves
CH Portraits
Clara Hahn
For the "Joies" Poetry book by Emilie Panisset, Éditions Douro, France - May 2021. Personnal series
Atmosphere & Backstage of the Habbetek film crew for Rasha Nahas
Nuovo Mundo
NUOVO MUNDO Group Performance art by Alex Ceccetti for the Palais de Tokyo Paris, April 2014 Lenses crafted by artist David Janesko - San Francisco Commissioned artwork
Solo Parenthood inhabited - July 2020
Empowering portraiture, Artists & Entrepreneurs portraits
Motions & Mersions
Inmotion x Immersion Event Photography at Electric, Paris, July 2014 Artists on stage: Cezar, SIT.
Lines of Clay
Hilary Galbreith Performance photography December 2013 Commissioned photography
Ropes & Ladders
San Francisco Endless walks of fogs melting into your skin Personal series Exhibited in San Francisco 2012 & Paris 2013
Written In Remembrance
the full force of the birthing journey and through motherhood. Remembrance as an act. Remembrance as a statement. Be a witness to this infinite vulnerability as it turns into power
Technic Cities
Technic Cities Through Berlin Paris Prague Personal series Printed & Numbered
Nach Und Nebel
Nacht Und Nebel, a research for soundwaves through lenses Personal series Exhibited in 2014 in Paris
Passive lake
Analog memories - Berlin , April 2020
French West Indies
Page under construction
Intime & Personnel
INTIME ET PERSONNEL Esther Ferrer Performance photography, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Febuary 2014
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