CH Portraits
For the "Joies" Poetry book by Emilie Panisset, Éditions Douro, France - May 2021. Personnal series
Nuovo Mundo
NUOVO MUNDO Group Performance art by Alex Ceccetti for the Palais de Tokyo Paris, April 2014 Lenses crafted by artist David Janesko - San Francisco Commissioned artwork
Motherhood inhabited - July 2020
Empowering portraiture, Artists & Entrepreneurs portraits
Motions & Mersions
Inmotion x Immersion Event Photography at Electric, Paris, July 2014 Artists on stage: Cezar, SIT.
Lines of Clay
Hilary Galbreith Performance photography December 2013 Commissioned photography
Ropes & Ladders
San Francisco Endless walks of fogs melting into your skin Personal series Exhibited in San Francisco 2012 & Paris 2013
Written In Remembrance
the full force of the birthing journey and through motherhood. Remembrance as an act. Remembrance as a statement. Be a witness to this infinite vulnerability as it turns into power
Technic Cities
Technic Cities Through Berlin Paris Prague Personal series Printed & Numbered
Nach Und Nebel
Nacht Und Nebel, a research for soundwaves through lenses Personal series Exhibited in 2014 in Paris
Passive lake
Analog memories - Berlin , April 2020
French West Indies
Page under construction
Intime & Personnel
INTIME ET PERSONNEL Esther Ferrer Performance photography, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Febuary 2014
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